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Timekeeping Systems
employee productivity

Time Clock Systems

Time Clock Systems

Automate your Timekeeping and Payroll Tasks with these Employee Time Clock Kits...
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Automatic Date and Time Stamp for Documents

Automatic Date and Time Stamp

Specify, When and Where, with these Heavy Duty Document Time Stamp Machine...
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Handheld InkJet Printers

Handheld InkJet Printers

Imprints Text, Time and Date, Graphics and Numbering on Metal and Plastic Parts and Product Packaging...
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Welcome to Real Time and Attendance Systems

We take pride in our longevity. We are a professional firm that specializes in the needs of diverse clients like yours.

Since 1962, we have provided Time and Attendance for the Large Enterprise, Time Clock Systems for small to midsize busiesses, Time Date Stamps for document control and InkJet Marking Printers for maufacturers.

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Product Spotlight
time clock buzzer systems

Category:Bell Timer and Break Bell Systems

TimeWorkz Signals Time Clock Buzzer System TimeWorkz Signals
Time Clock Buzzer System

The TimeWorkz Signals device is a Time Clock Buzzer System with upgraded programmable Bell Timer functions. Up to 50 Bell Times per Day. Built-In Instant Ring Button. Holidays for Silencing Buzzer and toggle up to Three Schedules. Perfect alternative as a Lathem Sonachron replacement.

  Item: TimeWorkz-Signals-KIT
Price: $295.00

    Time and    Attendance News  
          for the DIY'er

Introduced in Febuary 2004, our On-Line store http://www.timeclockeshop.com is a resounding success and has thus far generated very positive remarks from customers. If you are new to shopping on the web or even an experienced internet shopper, Time and Attendance for small business has never been easier!! Find a wealth of information and diverse product offerings for all things Time and Attendance. Learn how Time Clocks that Calculate Hours can automaticaly process your Work Hours such as Regular and Overtime, a great time saver for payroll preparation.. Choose from Fingerprint Time Clocks for Small Business and Calculating Time Clocks that print hours on a Time Card.

We specialize in saving you money with Fingerprint Time Clocks no Subscription that control cost for the Small Business. Let us provide you a Online Time Clock for Employees that is practical for larger companies or firms that have multiple office locations, mobile workforce teams and payroll clerks or administrative personnel working from home.

Traditional employee time clocks are becoming a thing of the past. Experience the new method of time collection, Shop our online store for Time Clock Kiosk Android tablets that seamlessly connect to your Time Tracking App and payroll solution. Install the Time Tracking App from your provider, and now you have a Wall Mounted Tablet Kiosk for your employees to Punch In and Punch Out, and review time cards. Popular Time Tracking Apps, ADP Time Kiosk app, Clockify App, Quickbooks Time App and more.

Most of our products are designed for the Do-it-Yourselfer...Save your company time and money with these self-install Time Clock Solutions.

Time Clock Supplies

Service your own time clock. Shop for Amano PIX-55 Ribbon and Simplex 100 Time Clock Ribbon and many other brands of Time Clock Ribbon Replacements .

Local Time and Attendance System Sales and Support

We also provide local onsite Time and Attendance Clock System Sales and Service for Houston Texas employers and Beaumont TX businesses and employers. Contact Us Today.

 Bell Timer  Break     Bells & School Bell   Timer  Mass Notification Alerts

The Bell Timer uses Bell Schedule for accurate Alert Notification processing. Many applications for the Bell Timer as a Mass Notification System for signaling Break Bells and School Bell Timers.

Learn how a Timer Lunch Break Start and Stop Work can automaticaly process your workplace Bell Schedule to Alert employees on the shop floor for Start work, Break Time, Lunch Time, Return Time, End Work. Practical and Affordable to achieve efficiency in your factory and production areas.

InkJet Marking

Manufacturers and Contract Packaging teams utilize portable inkJet printers for InkJet Marking of expiration dates, batch codes and lot numbers on parts and product containers. Suited for low volume and moderately high-volumes, Smaller packaging operations can now empower their production lines with an affordable system for Inkjet Marking, to meet the compliance regulations of their particular industry, without the drastic cost.
Large Character Inkjet Marking presents particular challenges for the Industrial Pipe & Tube Manufacturing. Also, if your firm deals with Supply Chain Management for marking Raw Materials and finished goods or needs to mark products stored in Construction Laydown yards, Partner with us for a Coding and Marking Solution.

    Packaging      Machine &     Label Printer  

Pacakging Machine and Case Sealer Label Printing Systems, eliminate costly print-and-apply labels. The RNMark 7 is a Barcode Labeling Printer that can integrate into many types of Packaging Machines. The included Label Maker Printer Software, allows the user to create label design for on-demand printing of Inkjet Labeling and Barcodes, directly onto Cardboard Boxes, Case Cartons and packaging machine containers and product boxes.

The LabelJet Roll Label Industrial Printer promotes Just in Time printing for Roll Label Stock, easily Print your Own Labels with this desktop Roll to Roll Label Printer. Compare to the Autoprint 300 from LabelMate and Identification Products.

Contact us for Packaging Machine and Label Printer solutions.

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Time Attendance Systems
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  • Calculate Return on Investment  and the increase in productivity your business could achieve by implementing an Automated Time and Attendace System.


  Biometric Time   Clocks
  How they Work

Biometric Time Clocks come in three varieties, Hand Recognition, Face Recognition and Fingerprint Recognition. Hand Recognition is the superior technology for Biometric Time Clocks, where employees are positively identified by Hand Geometry, analyzing over 90 separate measurements of the hand's Length, Width, Thickness and Surface Area. Biometric Time Clocks that are based on Hand Geometry are well received by employees and do not suffer from the same scope of resentment, compared to biometric devices that read fingerprints or scan the eye. In addition, a Hand Punch time clock out performs a system that reads the fingerprint because it is not affected by dirty, wet or scarred fingerprints.

Industrial InLine InkJet Printers

Case and Package Coding or the printing of Barcodes and other variable data should not be an intimidating project for a company to install and benefit from. Carpenter's Time Systems can make the appearance of package Coding and Parts Marking shine, using High Resolution InLine InkJet Printers. and an InkJet Coding Conveyor. Inline TIJ Inkjet Printers, are now affordable and in reach for smaller companies with low volume, as well as businesses with larger volume wanting to increase the accuracy and professional appearance of the printed output...Contact Us Today.

InkJet Marking Coder

Shipping Suppliers and Manufacture Companies alike will be amazed at the simplicity of use, with our InkJet Marking Coders that eliminate Industrial Stencils and Paint Markers and will Drastically improve the workflow of products and materials and greatly enhance appearance of the imprints on both Porous and Non-Poruous surfaces.

    Laser Etching      Machine &     Laser Marking  
               Material Processing

The Laser Etching Machine uses laser energy to modify the shape or appearance of a material. Material ablation is used for laser cutting, engraving and drilling. Material Processing for Surface Material Modification, is known as Laser Marking and Laser Etching. The Laser can easily and Efficiently Mark the surface of a material to create human and/or machine readable alphanumeric characters, 1D Barcodes and 2D Codes like a Datamatrix and QR Code, Logos, etc. Manufacturing Processes use Laser Etching and Laser Marking mainly for the purpose of product identification and track and trace.

The Handheld Laser Engraver utilizes a lightweight Touchscreen Laser Engraver Controller and ergonomic Handheld Laser Marking Head, perfect for processes such as a Metal Laser Engraver and for a Bare Aluminum Laser Engraver.

  Guard Tour     System    Security Patrol Checkpoint System

The Guard Tour System promotes secure premises for your facility property and equipment assets.

Outfit your Security Guard Tour System with rugged mobile devices from Patrol Workz designed to allow freedom of movement around your premises to reliably record time and date of visited checkpoints and incidents encountered, such as Door Ajar, Broken Windows, Fences Breached or Theft.

The mainstay Watchman's Clock has now evolved with new technology to provide a powerful budget friendly Security Guard Checkpoint System mainly for the purpose to deter vanadalism or property damage, and for periodic machine monitoring and industrial inspections.

    Digital Kiosk     and Tablet   Kiosk    Time Clock Kiosk Tablets

The Tablet Kiosk is also known as a Digital Kiosk.

If your requirements are beyond an Time Clock Tablet, the Digital Kiosk that can be configured to any application and are available in many display sizes, all with Touchscreen functionality.

A Tablet Kiosk is a self-service interactive kiosk that features a touchscreen display and these digital kiosk are designed to provide information, services, or products to customers or visitors.

Contact Carpenter's Time Systems for a Tablet Kiosk and Digital Kiosk.

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Time and Attendance Systems for the large enterprise

Time and Attendance Systems for the Large Enterprise

500 to 5000+ Employees...InfiniTime is the Time & Attendance software for large enterprises and growing companies. A robust solution powered by the included Oracle database, designed for ease of use and addressing complex Payroll and HR Timekeeping.

    Time and    Date Stamp     Machines  
        process or document control

The Date and Time Stamp machine while similiar in function to the traditional time recorder used in payroll timekeeping, the Time Date Stamp is used in very different applications and is a completely different piece of equipment. Manufactured for Heavy-Duty use it is not uncommon for a Time Stamp Machine machine to imprint 1000 or more times a day. Electric Stamp with Time Date and Numbering Stamps print on a wide variety of surfaces such as onion skin paper, heavy card stock or multiple copy forms. For a portable Time Stamp Machine, checkout the MiniJet which is an Electronic Date and Time Stamp Handheld. Specify where and When...Initiate better Document Control with our Automatic Date and Time Stamps.
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We specialize in Time Clocks for Small Business. The Acroprint es700 is a multi-function time recorder. The es700 Acroprint is well suited as a Time Punch Clock or Electronic Date and Time Stamp, saving your company time and money.

Ensure Compliance with your industry for Proper Time Validation

Casino Sports Book Betting, SEC/NASD Trading (OATS), Pharmaceutical and Healthcare, Wealth Management Firms, Hospitals and Emergency Rooms all have compliancy requirements of Time Date Stamps on their documents, that can be met with the Amano TS-3000i Time Validation Clock system. Read More.

New Electronic Time Date Stamp with 5-Line Printing and Touchscreen Control

The TimeWorkz TSM-500i is a new Electronic Date and Time Stamp packed with features. Configure up to (2) Custom Imprints, each with up to 5-Lines of Text and each line can print in Black or Red ink.

    Linx 10 CIJ      Inkjet     Printing     Equipment  
                for Texas

Carpenter's Time Systems has you covered for Sales, Service and Supplies to support your Linx 10 Printer. The Linx 10 Printer is a new Inkjet Coder that Packaging Companies will grow to appreciate, thanks to easy setup onto virtually any Packaging Machine Line. Linx Printing Equipment does not require lengthy training to operate and has easy to perform on-board self-guided maintenance. The Inkjet Coder for Packaging Manufacturing Operations in the State of Texas. Serving Houston Texas, Spring TX, The Woodlands and surrounding ares, as well as Dallas Fort Worth, Austin and San Antonio.

    Side Belt    Bottomless   Conveyors
Automated Integrated

Outfit your bottle packaging line or automatic bottle filling and capping machine production line with our mONE Side Belt Conveyor. The Side Belt Conveyor is a Bottomless Conveyor, perfect as a Bottom Coding Conveyor with integrated Inkjet Coder.
Learn more about the Industrial Inkjet Printer iJET Coder for integration into your Conveyor Belt System.