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The Lathem Sonachon dwa-s, is a Programmable Timer for processing a Bell Schedule in a school, workplace or Factory. automatically ring Break Bells and Break Buzzer Systems with this Bell Timer.

Lathem Bell Timers

Lathem Sonachron

The Lathem Sonachron DWA-S is an easy to use, plug-and-play Bell Timer or On/Off Programmable Controller for electrocal devices. Over the years you have seen Lathem Programmable Signal Controls ringing and sounding Bell for Schools and Horns or Buzzers for workplaces across America and beyond.

*No PC required. Stand-Alone Bell Timer, the Lathem Sonachron processes the Bell Timer schedule independent of any other device.
Just connect to power and your Horn or Bell sounders.

Lathem Sonachron with original brushed Steel Case new Black Case for Lathme Sonachron

    Specifiations of the Lathem Sonachron

  • The Weekly Schedule can hold up to 1440 programmble bell times.
  • Bell Timer Mode with single signal duration(1-99) for all bells or On/Off control of Electrical Appliances.
  • Display can be in 12 or 24 Hour Format
  • Power failure timekeeping protected for approx 7-days<1.4
  • Frequency Selectable (with Dip Switch) Range: 50 or 60khz
  • Auto DST Change and Leap Years.
  • Internal Manual Instant-Ring Button
  • 10 amp dry contact relay for siganl control
  • 115vAC standard, order for 220vAC optional

    optional Accessory Add-On Upgrades

  • LTR-GPS Receiver to synschronize Time with Lathem Sonachron device.

Consider the Industrial Bell Timer Supplier behind the System...
"Since 1962"

In scene pictures of the Lathem Sonachron.

School Bell Timer Sonachron

Factory Break Bell System

Lathem Sonachron
User manual and technical specs

  • Dimensions: 9.50"(w) x 5.300"(h) x 3.30"(d)

  • Kit Shipping Weight: 3.7lbs

      • Shipping Weight: lbs

          • Lathem Sonachron Won't Ring Bell anymore

              What's in the Box:

            • Lathem Sonachron Bell Timer programmable

            Item: Sonachron

            Our Price: $360.00

Lathem Sonachron Parts
Optional Signal Bell and Break Buzzer Horns

Lathem Signal Bell Sounder

Lathem Signal Bell Sounder

Part: Sonachron-dwa-s-Bell
Price: $105.00

Lathem Break Buzzer Horn

Lathem Break Buzzer Horn

Part: Sonachron-HornBuzzer
Price: $105.00

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Applications For Lathem Sonachron

Bell Timer
Process automatically Bell Schedules to sound workshift Bells or factory lunch bell in production and manufacturing areas

Time Clock Buzzer System
Connect the Lathem Sonachron to Horns Signals and Break Buzzer Sounder devices.

TimeWorkz Signals vs Lathem Sonachron

Sonachron dwa-s Product Comparison Video on YouTube
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