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Break Time Sounder Systems
to process Timer Lunch Break Start and Stop, Factory Lunch Bell and Work Timer, Shift Work Alerter

Timer Lunch Break Start and Stop Work - Time Workz Signals Bell Timer

TimeWorkz Signals Bell Timer for Lunch Break Start and Stop Work

Packed full with features, the TimeWorkz Signals is an electronic Programmable Bell Timer that supports up to (50) unique Bell Times per day, each with it's individual ring-Duration. Easily assign and load up to (24) pre-stored Time-Table Schedule Groups.
Silence off days with Holiday Dates.
Press the built-in Instant-Ring Button to manually ring the Signal, for unscheduled Sound alerts.
Timer for Lunch Break Start and Stop Work Price: $295.00
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Amano PIX200 Recorder Time Clock Buzzer System

Amano PIX-200 Time Recorder with Relay for Break Timer Buzzer System

For Time Recording as an employee time clock the PIX200 Time Recorder can be outfitted with the optional Signal Relay Kit. Now you have a boni-fide Time Clock Buzzer System controller. Just connect a Break Buzzer Horn or Signal Bell for sounder.
Insert the Time Card or other paper document and printing is automatic, with the Dot-Matrix printhead and ink ribbon.
Time Clock Buzzer System Price: $424.00
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Lathem Sonachron - Break Time Sounder System

Lathem Sonachron Break Time Sounder System

The Lathem Sonachron was very popular the in the Bell Timer industry. Holding up to 1440 Programmed Events and this device could be set for one of two modes; 1)a Program Timer for Horns and Bell, or as 7-Day Timer for actuating On/Off a circuit for electrical devices, like HVAC or Appliances.
- Lathem Sonachron has been Discontinued - Break Time Sounder System Price: $360.00 (discontinued)
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Bell Timer for automatic programmable
ringing of signal bells, alert horns and break buzzers

Shop for Signal Bells and Timer Systems. Many firms are wondering what to do since Lathem Sonachron programmable timer has been discontinued. Find Lathem Sonachron Altenatives, for replacement of an existing Lathem Sonachron or if you require a brand new Bell Timer Break Bell System. Newer technologies with Robust Features can now be sourced from Carpenter's Time Systems and our online store TimeClockeShop.com.

Lathem Sonachron Discontinued find alternatives for Replacement

In with the New - our TimeWorkz Signals is packed full of features for a stand-alone Bell Timer. Goes beyond the feature set found in other stand-alone 7 Day programmable timers, such as Sonachron and Pyramid TimeTrax 7000.

Alternative to Lathem Sonachron with TimeWorkz Signals

Initiate better efficiency in the workplace or factory. Replace your outdated or broken Bell Timer for Lunch Break Start and Stop Work alerts.

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Features any capable Timer for Lunch Break Start and Stop Work, should have

  • Stand-alone Operation, No PC required - A PC should not be a requirement for a Bell Timer with a solid set of features.
  • Up to 50 Bell Time Signals per Day - Minimum of (50) unique Signal Times should be allowed per day.
  • Duration of Signal Relay-Contact - Each Time Signal should support individual Signal Duration of 1-99 seconds./li>
  • Preconfigure/Save Time-Table Schedules - The ability to configure and save up to 24 Time-Table Schedules, is a great time-saver and provides ultimate flexibility.
  • Holiday Exclusions - Off Days can be "silenced" for no bell ringing with Holiday exclusions.
  • Switch Time-Table Groups - Rapidly change Bell Schedules for automatic operation, with (3) Time-Table Schedule Groups.
  • Instant Ring Button built-in - Need to ring an unscheduled Bell or Buzzer, a standard Instant-Ring Button is a must.

Who Buys a Timer for Lunch Break Start and Stop Work?

Bell Timer for Lunch Break Start and Stop Work are needed by any organization or company that needs to signal alerts to employees for change of work shift at a factory. Enhance the efficiency in your workplace or school or factory, with TimeWorkz Signals.