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Time Clock Systems and Handheld Time Date Stamps

Time Clock Systems

Time Clock Systems

Automate your Timekeeping Tasks with these complete starter kits. These systems are strong contenders in the market of Employee Time Clock Systems. Offered by manufacturers with a dedication to the industry, a system that truly works. not one with a partially engieered set of features. Designed as self-installable system, with a 30-Days Support Plan via the Mfg. or we can provide optional One-on-One Setup and Training Services.
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Time Date Stamps

Time Date Stamps

Specify Where and When with these Time Date Document Stamps. Heavy Duty, these electric stamps are built to accomodate 1000's of imprints daily.
Standard Imprint line is: Year, Month, Date Am-Pm Hours and Minutes.
Upper or Lower Imprint Text Plates, can be choosen to customize the imprint.
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Biometric Time Clocks

Biometric Time Clocks

Eliminate Employee Buddy-Punching by utilizing Biometric Time Clocks in your business. We advocate for the Hand Recognition technology, as it performs in both the dirty and clean work enviroments. The Face Recognition Biometric Time Clock technology is very close to performing to the standards of Hand Recognition.
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Time and Attendance Systems for large businesses

Time and Attendance Systems

500 to 5000+ Employees...InfiniTime is the Time & Attendance software for large enterprises and growing companies. A robust solution powered by the included Oracle database, designed for ease of use and addressing complex Payroll and HR Timekeeping.

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Handheld InkJet Printers for Product and Case Marking

Handheld InkJet Printers

A Wide Variety of handheld inkjet printers for a marking and coding solution for everyone's budget. Customizable imprint options, these inkjet printers can print single or two-line prints with up to 20 characters per line. The "Quick-Dry" MP-Inks and the new QDX-Inks is a more aggressive one, that performs well on nonabsorbent and uneven surfaces, such as curved metal, plastic, or glass bottles.
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Industrial InkJet Printers for automatic inline Product and Case Marking

Industrial InLine InkJet Printers

An InLine InkJet Printer that offers plug-and-play installation for industrial inkjet marking and case coding solutions to meet any company's budget. Touchscreen controllers, for multi-line imprints within .50 inch, or up to 3.00 inch with stitched print heads. High Resolution, using HP TIJ 2.5 Thermal InkJet Marking Technology and Inks that are suited for both porous and non-porous surfaces, Optional printheads for curved metal cans, plastic, or glass bottles.
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Linx Continuous Inkjet Coder - Linx 10 Printer

Linx Continuous Inkjet Coders

The Linx 10 Printer is a compact Continuous InkJet Coder designed for printing best before dates and batch lot codes onto Packaging...print on Plastic, Metal, Glass, Coated or Porous Cardboards, etc. Intuitive Color Touchscreen for easy Print Job Selection and line settings. Thanks to the Linx Coder Line-Speed Sensor, Continuous Inkjet Coding ensures the printed code is exactly placed. The Linx 10 Printer is equipped with a sealed Printhead for less ongoing cleaning and reliable startups.
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Watchman Clocks for Facility Protection and Guard Tour Control

Watchman Clocks Guard Tour

Our Watchman Clocks and Watchman Guard Tour Systems provide facilities and businesses with a reliable and accurate system to record Rounds, Tours and Incidents by Security personnel and Watchman guards.
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Invoice or Document Perforators

Invoice or Document Perforators

Electric Security Perforators provides for permanent and unalterable marking of documents. Used by a variety of Companies, Universities and Governmental Agencies, to securely and accurately control sensitive material. A must in today's volatile world where the need for secure original documents is a major concern. VOID Driver's Licenses, Mark Invoices with PAID and DATE.
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Embosser Vital Records Document Seal

Vital Records Seal Embosser

Ensure the security of official documents with raised Seal Embossing, Embosser Seals can't be duplicated. Used by a variety of Court Clerks, Companies, Universities and Governmental Office Agencies, to securely control sensitive records. A must in today's volatile world where the need for secure original documents is a major concern. Certify Copy of Replacement Birth Certificate, Seal Emboss Marriage Certificates.
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Bell Timer

Bell Timers

Automaticaly process your workplace Bell Schedule to Alert employees on the shop floor for Start work, Break Time Buzzer, Factory Lunch Bell Time, Return Time, End Work. Practical and Affordable to achieve efficiency in your factory and production areas.

Many applications for the Bell Timer as a Mass Notification System for signaling Break Bells and School Bell Timers.
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