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Inkjet Coder for Packaging Production and InkJet Marking and Coding Printer
print Best By Date and Date Coder for Expiration dates, Batch Code Printer and lot numbers

Linx Printing Technologies - CIJ Printers - Texas Distributor

Inkjet Coder - Linx 10 InkJet Printer

The Linx 10 Inkjet Coder is an easy to use, plug-and-play Continuous Inkjet Printer that makes Packaging Marking and Inkjet Coding of Products, simple and efficient...with a very professional imprint.

The Linx Continuous Inkjet Printer can accomodate InkJet Printing on absorbent surfaces, such as cardboard and nonabsorbent surfaces, such as metal, wood, plastic, or glass. Common uses are for, printing Batch Code numbers, lot and Best By Date expiration date coding. The Color Touchscreen display allows you to easily select the message that needs to be imprinted. Only 25Lbs, makes the Linx 10 Printer Portable and easy for product changeovers.

*No PC required. The Linx Printer has built-in Configuration Software allowing the user to pre-configure customized imprints, or copy/import these imprints and images via the onboard USB Port.
Service the printer yourself quickly using the on-screen instructions. For Remote Monitoring and CIJ Printer Control, Connect the Linx 10 Printer to your company's WiFi network, for use with the optional PrinterNet Software.

Linx 10 Inket Coder - No Mess CIJ Inks and Fluids Linx 10 Inkjet Coder Touchscreen - Inkjet Coding via Product Image

Linx 10 Printer - Portable Continuous Inkjet Printer Linx 10 Continuous Inkjet Printer Conveyor Brackets

    Features of the Linx 10 InkJet Coder Printer

  • One line or Two Line imprints, imprints can consist of, Variable(s) data.
  • Linx 10 Inkjet Printers - Suitable for curved and uneven Surfaces.
  • Variable Print Data can be configured; Counters, Expiration Dates, etc.
  • Automatically advances the Time, Date and Numbers internally.
  • The Multiple line imprints can be scaled...i.e.; each line can a different size.
  • Color Touchscreen allows easy Selection of Print Job by Product Image.
  • Touchscreen with durable, solvent resistant polymer cover
  • Store and recall the imprints; and initiate printing all via the touchscreen.
  • Clean No-Mess Refills using Sealed Cartridges.
  • MEK-free black CIJ inks siutable for coding onto most dry products/packaging.
  • The Linx 10 Printer Ink will print on and ink will adhere to; porous/absorbent surfaces AND non-absorbent surfaces including, metal, glass, wood, cardboard and plastic and foils
  • Selectable Languages: English, Spanish, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Portugese and Russian.

  • Contact Power required for operation - 100V-230V/50-60Hz, 32 Watt
  • Print Speed: Using the Patented Line-Speed Sensor, user can easily calibrate to the line speed of product moving on the conveyor, or by using an optional external Synchronizer/Encoder Wheel
  • Linx 10 Print Head Mounting: Side Printing, Down Printing and Upward Printing for Bottom Coding.
    The LX-2 Kit includes Brackets and Tubes.
  • Service the printer yourself quickly using the on-screen instructions

    optional Linx Printer Kits and Upgrades

  • Linx 10 Printer is available as a 3-Line Coding Printer.
  • For Remote Monitoring and CIJ Printer Control, Upgrade to PrinterNet.
  • Fork Style Product Sensors
  • Label-Eye Label Gap Sensors
  • Shaft Encoder

Consider the Industrial Equipment Supplier behind the System...
"Since 1962"

Inkjet Coder Applications for the Linx 10 Printer

Food Packaging Date Code Printing with Linx 10 Inkjet Coder

Food Packaging Inkjet Coder

Print a crisp and legible Date Code and Lot/Batch Numbers onto food packaging with Linx 10 Inkjet Coder.
Consumer Packaged Goods Linx Date Code Printer

Consumer Packaged Goods Linx Date Code Printer

The Production Lines of Consumer Packaged Goods Manufacturers will appreciate the ease of use and print quality of the Linx 10 Date Code Printer.
Electronics Manufacturing Linx Date Coder

Code Labels for Electronics Manufacturing with Linx 10 Printer

Inkjet Printing of Small Text Characters onto PC Circuit Boards and Metal Casing found in Electronics Manufacturing.
Personal Care Products Inkjet Coder Printer

Personal Care Products Inkjet Coder Printer

Linx 10 inkjet printers are widely utilized to Inkjet Print Single Line Batch and Lot Codes on Personal Care Products Packaging .

Bottom-Printing, Side-Printing or Down/Top-Printing -
Linx 10 Continuous InkJet Printer.

Linx Inkjet Coder Side Printing Date Code on Plastic Bottles Date Coding Glossy Food Packaging with Linx 10 Printer in Down-Printing Mode Linx Inkjet Coder for Food Containers and Boxes - Top Down Inkjet Coding

Linx 10 Printer in Bottom Coding - Up Printing Mode for Bottles and Cans

Linx 10 Printer Resources
brochures, manuals, technical specs

  • User Manual for Linx 10 InkJet Printer

  • Linx Printer Dimensions: 21.00"(w) x 8.94"(h) x 7.56"(d)

  • Kit Shipping Weight: 45 lbs

      • Linx CIJ Fluids Shipping Weight: 12 lbs

          What's in the Box:

        • Linx 10 InkJet Printer, with
          USB Port and Sensor Ports

        • Line Speed Sensor for quick plug-n-play setup for most product shapes

        • Photoelectric Proximity Sensor

        • Software is built-into controller, No PC required.

        • Controller has 7 Inch, Color Touchscreen

        • External power supply: 100-230V,50/60Hz

        • RFID Commissioning Key

      • Commissioning Quick-Start Sheet also on-board upon startup

      • LX-2 Mounting Bracketry - (2) Metal Tubes (11 inch and 13.8 inch), (1) Bi-Directional Bracket, (1) Offset Clamp, Conveyor Bracket

      • USB Stick with User Manuals

        Item: Linx10-CIJ

        Our Price: $Call for Quote

Linx Printer Accessories
Optional Upgrades and Supplies

Linx 10 CIJ Printer Black Ink Maintenance Pack - Part Number 401-FACL100/M100 L100/M100 Black Ink
Maintenance Pack
for Linx 10 Printer

Ink Color=BLACK

Item: CART-M100-Black
Price: $199.00

Linx CIJ Printer Printhead Wash Station and Bottle - Part Number 303-FA62085 Printhead Wash Station with Bottle
for Linx 10 Printer

mounts to round tube

Item: KIT-WashStation
Price: $144.00

Linx 10 CIJ Printer Ink L100 Black - Part Number 404-FACL100/1L Replacement L100 Black Ink Cartridge
for Linx 10 Inkjet Coder

Ink Color=BLACK

Item: CART-L100-Black
Price: $225.00

Linx 10 CIJ Printer B100 Blending Solvent for Ink - Part Number 404-FACL100/1L Replacement B100 Blending Solvent Cartridge
for Linx 10 Inkjet Coder


Item: CART-B100-Clear
Price: $225.00

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