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TimeWorkz TSM-500i
Electronic Date and Time Stamp, perfect as a Electronic Time Date Stamp for documents and Punch Time Clock for Time Cards and similar forms

TimeWorkz TSM-500i Date and Time Stamp Machine Logo

TimeWorkz TSM-500i Electronic Date and Time Stamp

TimeWorkz TSM-500i
Multi-Function Electronic Date and Time Stamp Machine.

The TSM-500i TimeWorkz is versatile and can be used to support stamping of legal documents, job cost card and rental document time date stamps.

Works with a wide variety of documents and time cards: Print Operation: Automatic, Semi-Automatic or Manual push button.

Many Print Configurations possible: Mintes Format (am-pm time, tenths, hundredths and seconds).
Hour Format: (12hr or 24hr)

Easy Document Alignment: thanks to the large cover window and bright internal LED.

Acroprint es700 Time Punch Clock

    Utilize the TimeWorkz TSM-500i as a Electronic Date and Time Stamp for Documents

  • Simply Insert the Document into the TimeWorkz TSM500i

  • The Date and Time Stamp is printed

  • Up to 15 Pages can be inserted

  • Electronic Time Date Stamp with 5 Line Imprint

    the only Electronic Date and Time Stamp with 5-line printing in two-colors

  • Configure the unit to imprint Year, Month, Date and Time

  • Touchscreen Control to easily select Custom 1 or Custom 2, each custom imprint with up to 5-Lines of Text

  • choose Red or Black color, for each individual Line of Text

  • Deploy the TimeWorkz TSM-500i anywhere you require a Time Date and Number Stamp

    Electronic Date and Time  Stamp with Two-Color Printing

Electronic Date and Time Stamp with WiFi
    Features of the TimeWorkz
    Electronic Time Date Stamp

  • Built-In WiFi for time sync to a NTP Time-Source.
  • Memory protected by battery backup.
  • Automatic Daylight Savings Time adjustment.
  • Selectable for Right or Left side printing.
  • LCD Display indicates Date, Time and Day of Week.
  • Large Viewing Window and bright internal LED illuminating the print area, assist with proper alignment.
  • TimeWorkz TSM-500i is also compatible with any side-print style timecard.
  • Automatic Numbering (1-8 digits) with up to 9 repeats.
  • Up to 24 Program Groups, to automatically print Red or Black, or to trigger the internal chime, etc..
  • Password protection for program access.
  • Prints 13 Messages; VOID, SENT, PAID, ORIGIN, RECVD, CFMD,

TMS-500i Options:
Ni-Cad Battery Backup for operational power.

Consider the Supplier behind the System...

"Since 1962"

We specialize in the Electronic Date and Time Stamp...let us help ensure accuracy for your documents tracking.
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Electronic Time Date Stamp

TimeWorkz TSM-500i Product Resources
manuals, troubleshooting, how to change time

  • Dimensions: 5.50"(h) x 6.25"(w) x 7.00"(d)

  • Shipping Weight: 6 lbs

    What's in the Box:

  • TimeWorkz TSM-500i Electronic Date and Time Stamp

  • Built-in Wall Mounting Plate

  • Two-Color Balck/Red Ribbon

  • User Manual

  • A/C Power Supply

  • (2)TimeWorkz TSM-500i Keys

    Item: TimeWorkz TSM-500i Date and Time Stamp

    Our Price: $ 375.00

Accessories for TimeWorkz TSM-500i
Ribbon, Keys and Time Cards

TimeWorkz TSM-500i Date and Time Stamp Ribbon TimeWorkz TSM-500i Black/Red Ribbon

Black/Red TSM-500i Ink

Item: RIBB-TSM-500i-Black/Red
Price: $12.00

TimeWorks TSM-500i Battery-Backup TimeWorks TSM-500i Battery-Backup


Item: PART-NiCad-Battery
Price: $69.00

Keys for Electronic Date and Time Stamp TimeWorkz TSM-500i Key

Time Stamp Pair of Keys

Item: KEYS-TMS-500i
Price: $11.00

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  • Item:
    TimeWorkz TSM-500i

    Price: $375.00

    Availability: Typically ships within 24-48 hours.

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