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The Industrial Inkjet Printer , is effective for inkjet coding, inkjet marking, and printing on products and packaging. A Industrial Inkjet Printer creates inkjet date codes, lot codes, batch, barcodes and prints on virtually any substrate.

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Industrial Inkjet Printer - iJET Coder

The Industrial Inkjet Printer model iJET Coder, that directly prints on products, corrugated boxes, packaging, foil bags or documents, simply and quickly.

Choose the iJET Coder TIJ Industrial Inkjet Printer, for easy TIJ Inkjet printing of beautiful high resolution Text, Expiry Dates, Best By Dates, Lot Numbers and Date Coding. Also print Product Graphics, Company Logos and 1D barcodes and 2D Codes with this Industrial Inkjet Printer.

The iJET Coder is robust with features, handy and easy to operate and configure for inkjet printing. No computer requred, It comes complete with its own software built into this Industrial Printer.

Common uses are for, Inkjet Coding and Inkjet Marking of Part Numbers, lot numbers and Manufactured Date coding onto the packaging of Consumer Packaged Goods and product containers.

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Industrial Inkjet Printer on Conveyor Belt System Industrial Inkjet Printer on Bottomless Conveyor

Industrial Date Code Printer Lot Code Number Industrial Printer

    Specifications of the iJET Coder Industrial Inkjet Printer

  • INKJET CARTRIDGES: Colors Available; Black, White Light Blue and Yellow
  • The Solvent based inks adhere to Non-Porous surfaces such as Mtal, Plastic and Glass
  • Print on any absorbant/porous surfaces
  • Maximum Print Height: 12.7mm/0.50"
  • Character Height Sizes: less than 1/16 inches and larger font sizes up to 1/2 inch
  • One, Two, Three or Four Line imprints are possible
  • Power Supply: 110-240 volt AC, 12V/3A, 36W.
  • Dimensions-Controller: 36"L x 24.50"W x 48"H
  • Dimensions-Printhead: 36"L x 24.50"W x 48"H

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The Industrial inkjet printer is utilized in manufacturing for printing batch codes, best before dates, barcodes and other pieces of information on products and packaging. The Industrial Printer is central to product traceability and product counterfeiting deterrence.

Watch this iJET Coder - Inkjet Industrial Printer in action.

Industrial Inkjet Printer Resources
brochures, manuals, technical specs

  • Dimensions: 7" Touchscreen Controller

    • Shipping Weight: approx. 10 Lbs

          What's in the Box:

        • iJet Coder - Industrial Inkjet Printer system

        • Bracketry

        • iJET Coder User Manual

          Item: Industrial-Inkjet-Printer-iJET

          Our Price: $1,095.00

Industrial Inkjet Printer Accessories
Options and Upgrades

Industrial Inkjet Printer - Bottom Coding Conveyor option

mONE Bottom Coding Conveyor


Price: $2,750.00

Side Belt Bottomless Conveyor for Industrial Inkjet Printer

mDUO Side Belt Bottomless Conveyor


Price: $2,945.00

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Applications for an Industrial Inkjet Printer and Glossary of common terms

Industrial Inkjet Printer
Print Text, Date/Time onto Parts, Products and Packaging.

Continuous Inkjet Printer
non-contact Printing characters by spraying quick-drying ink onto the substrate, regardless of the material or shape of the targets.

Date Code Printer

In Line Inkjet Printer

Industrial Inkjet Printer Packaging Equipment Supply at Carpenter's Time Systems

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