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Find Replacement Printers for Dymo DateMark
document, process validation Date Time stamper, Dot Matrix or Mobile Handheld Ink Jet new Electronic Date and Time Stamp Handheld

Sturdy Printers to Replace Dymo DateMark Date/Time Stamper

Ink Roller for Dymo DateMark

Dymo DateMark Logo

Imprint on invoice made by the Electronic DYMO DateMark Date/Time Stamper

Reiner Speed-i-Jet 798 Date/Time Stamp Pen

Reiner Speed-i-Jet 798 Mobile Date/Time Printer Pen

More and more, the Speed-i-Jet 798 gains popularity and proves itself as a sturdy Hand Operated Inkjet Printer that surpasses the features and functionality of the Dymo DateMark with imprints of up to 40 Characters on 1-Line.

Press the Red Print-Button and move across the document, to generate the printing/imprint.
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Desktop Electronic Date Time Stamp

Acroprint ES700 Electronic Date and Time Document Stamp Machine

The ES700 is an Electronic Date/Time Stamp printer designed for desktop use. Reliable operation with the convienance of automatically advancing the Year, Month and Date. Also, a Battery Backup maintains the correct time during power failures.

Insert the paper document and printing is automatic, with the Dot-Matrix printhead and ink ribbon.
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Reiner JetStamp 790 is a sturdy replacement for DateMark from Dymo

Portable JetStamp 790 - InkJet Date/Time Stamper

Reiner is the industry leader, in the manufacture of Portable Time Date and Number InkJet Stamps. The JetStamp 790 includes the PC-Set configuration software, for user customized stamp imprints, of 1-line or 2-lines, all in this handheld completely mobile unit.

Place the printer onto surace to be printed, next Press the Red Print-Button and printing/imprint is automatic, with the self-traversing printhead.
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Electronic Date and Time Stamp Handheld

MiniJet Electronic Date and Time Stamp Handheld

The MiniJet Electronic Date and Time Stamp Handheld automatically advances the Year, Month and Date and a Battery Backup. The MiniJet Portable Time Stamp Machine includes embedded touchscreen software, for user customized stamp imprints, of 1-4 lines text.

Press the Silver Print-Button and roll the roller upon the surface to be printed. Date and Time Stamp is automatic, with this Electronic Handheld Date and Time Stamp.
Shop Handheld Date Time Stamp Machine

DYMO Electronic Date/Time Stamper Facts
out with the old, in with the new

The Product SKU for the Dymo DateMark was 47002. Now discontinued, many firms are wondering what products exist that perform similiar to the old Dymo Datemark. Newer technologies and a replacment solution can now be sourced from Carpenter's Time Systems.

Here is how the Dymo Manufactuer described the product. DateMark Date/Time Stamper - You'll wonder how you ever managed without this versatile electronic stamper. Now, it's simple to imprint vital tracking information directly onto mailing materials, invoices and your other important documents before they reach a colleague's desk or your client's. Prints the current date/time, any of seven messages (IN, OUT, PAID, FILE, REF, CFMD, RCVD) you specify, as well as serial numbers with its built-in auto-counter.

In with the New - Reiner Handheld Inkjets Printers go above and beyond the Dymo DateMark capabilities with the ability to print up to 40 characters in One-Line printing on porous surfaces. Join the next generation of Mobile printing and replace your old Dymo DateMark with the sturdy and innovative Reiner Speed-i-Jet 798 or for two-line printing, select the model JetStamp 790. For Desktop Date/Time Stamp printing or when you must print through multiple copies of the same document, select the Acroprint ES700 Electronic Time Date Stamp.

Initiate better Document and Process Control with our Date Time Stampers and Printers. Replace your outdated or broken Dymo DateMark with an cutting-edge product. We Specialize in Date Time Stamper Equipment, with Dot-Matrix or Handheld InkJet technologies to meet your exact requirements.

Call Toll-Free 1-888-838-5391 or Contact us via E-Mail.

Features that allow user to Configure the Date/Time Stamper

  • Digital Time Display. is only available on the electronic Date Time Stamp machine and the multiple-line printer.
  • Print Custom Text...configure the printer to print some canned messages, along with the Date and Time.
  • Adjustable Print Trigger...allows the paper to automatically trigger the printer on the Dot-Matrix machines. Printing is initiated by pressing the print-button, when utilizing the Handheld InkJet Date/Time Printers
  • Automatically Advances Date and Time...desktop printer requires no resetting. however, replacing batteries on the Speed-i-Jet 798 inkjet printer, requires resynching with the PC, to reset Date and Time.
  • Consecutive Numbering...if required configure the imprint of auto-incrementing numbers, 2 digit, 4 digits, etc.
  • Print Plate not available on machines above...however, some machines and printers can print multiple lines of custom text.
  • Military Time...simply configure the standard imprint of AM-PM Hours, to print 0-23 Hours instead.
  • Ribbon Ink Colors...Black is standard. Other colors include; Purple or Red.
  • Ink-Jet Catridge Colors...Black is standard. Other colors include; Blue or Red.

Who Buys Dymo Date-Time Document Stampers?

Time Date Number Stamps from Dymo were needed by any organization or company that needs to know When, Where, or by Whom any type of document or paper was received, processed or fowarded.

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